Friday, 29 May 2009

Creating GUI applications with Matlab.

Quick start to matlab gui programming using 'guide'.

Note:- It is easy to convert matlab GUI applications to windows standalone executable and run the converted executable (.exe file) in any machine in which matlab is not installed.For details check 'deploytool' matlab documentation.


  1. Hi Baiju!

    Thanks a lot for this tutorial!
    Its another of your many wonderful video casts!

  2. I wanted to know something... If i have a graphical output from matlab using plot(x,y) command, can I show it in the VC# ? Or I will have to use the Matlab GUI for this purpose?

  3. Hi Mukul,

    Matlab dotnet complier supports 'plot' function and you shouldn't get any issues in vc# world.


  4. Wow! I tried it and it worked out fine for me!

    Thanks a lot BaijuMax!

    PS: I was trying to get the array values from the Matlab and then trying to plot the values from the VC#. But using plot command directly from the Matlab is really very useful tool!

  5. hello..
    I am Nikhil from kerala..third yr student of electrical at National Institute of technology, Allahabad. sir i am really impressed with ur video tutorial..Do guide me with tips inorder to make a CV more imprssive..
    looking forward for ur reply....
    with regards,
    Nikhil abraham

  6. Hi Baiju!
    Thanks a lot for this tutorial!
    please, i want more videos about matlab GUI

  7. Hi Baijumax
    Thanks for your video. It was very informative.

    Please could you also show how to manage authentication details like creating Login pages and password management using Matlab?

    Really appreciate your help!

  8. h baij
    this is a nice tutorial for bigginers. thanks fo r it

  9. HEy I am chirag :)
    Really liked your tutorial
    Can You Tell us about More Controls in GUI?