Saturday, 16 June 2012

TechEd-2012 North America

I watched live streaming keynotes and other webcasts online presented in the recent TechEd 2012 held in orlando (TechEd-2012) and my main take away from this event is the way we should design UI going ahead and the way we should present the content to the end user.

Yes the main theme and highlight in TechEd was metro style applications.The metro style applications (which is rich in content and easy to interact with multiple input devices) showed in this event changed my view on the UI design.All the traditional GUIs I look at it now are rich in controls  ,some times GUI designers forget about the content what it displays.i.e I see those GUIs (including any application developed & running on windows platform.Note:- I'm a windows guy and not in position to comment about other OS platforms)  "very loud" in controls instead of being rich in content.Hmmm what did I do next day....

I installed windows 8 (download release preview from here here) in my laptop and started play with it to learn some design principles around metro style apps with an intension to apply some design principles in my new project.

I found below links useful,

Hopes you will find these useful too .....  

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  1. hi max
    i am tarun from madurai.I am recently doing project on matlab gui and found your video.Really nice one.I would suggest you to add more videos.
    I am struggling hard to write code for ''LINEAR FM GENERATION''.plz help me or mail me ur contact id.

    I want 1- to get data from a edit box and that will be used in plotting the graph.
    2-how to get data from a slider & it will be used in plotting another graph.
    If you have any material or video examples please send me to